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Teed-off Homeowner Sues Association Over Distant Golf Course Fee


SPRING, Texas—A Spring homeowner is suing his homeowners’ association and the developer, over a $60 per year fee that he says is being used to maintain a golf course that’s 41 miles away.


David Manchester says the developer of Legends Ranch tacked on a fee that benefits the Houston National Golf Course, which is in an entirely different county.


“I’m not a golfer,” Manchester said. “It’s frustrating to me, because there are people who are struggling to stay in their homes, people who are struggling for jobs and it’s tough on people.”


Manchester has retained an attorney, Jason Gibson, who plans to file a class-action suit in Harris County Civil Court.


“People have been taken advantage of,” Gibson said. “Homeowners have been swindled, and they want to know where their money went, and they want their money back.”


Roy Hailey, an attorney for the property owners’ association, said he will comment after he sees the class-action suit. Hailey said he has not yet seen the complaints or a demand letter from Gibson.


According to a draft of the suit, Manchester claims that the developer placed people loyal to him on the property association’s board, and formed a 3-2 majority. Therefore, Manchester said, homeowners had no way to dispute the $60 golf course fee, or influence other decisions related to the development’s budget.


“There are some areas of the budget that just don’t pass the smell test,” Manchester said. “This money is supposed to be used for maintenance and upkeep of the community.”


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