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Houston mother sues the Astros for $1 million claiming her finger was broken when mascot fired t-shirt gun at close range

  • Jennifer Harughty, 35, broke her index finger while cheering on the team last July
  • She says a t-shirt was fired from a cannon at close range and struck her hand
  • The mother-of-two has had to have $15,000 worth of medical care, she says
  • She is now suing the baseball team for $1million claiming the injury changed her life 
  • The Astros said it did not agree with her version of events and will not get rid of the t-shirt gun 

A woman has sued the Astros for $1million claiming her finger was broken by a t-shirt that was shot out from a cannon at one of its games.  

Jennifer Harughty, 35, broke her index finger while cheering on the baseball team in Houston, Texas, last July. 

She claims she has had to spend $15,000 on medical treatment and that it is a 'life changing' injury which she wants to be compensated for. 

On Monday, she filed a lawsuit against the team seeking $1million in damages. 

She alleges that the t-shirt hit her finger when it was shot out of the cannon by the team's mascot, Orbit. 

She was sitting at close range when it hit but has not revealed exactly where in stadium she was. 

Harughty said it immediately hurt but she thought the damage could not have been severe because it was 'just a t-shirt'. 

Over the course of the game, however, the mother-of-two said she became increasingly worried.

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