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Justice for Jermaine. The Gibson Law Firm Sues Nursing Home for Death of a 30 Year Old.


HOUSTON -- A mother is demanding justice for her son, Jermaine, who died while in hospice care.


Joyce Hollis said a motorcycle accident last year sent 30-year-old Jermaine Hemphill to Ben Taub Hospital in a vegetative coma.


"It was a terrible feeling," Hollis said. "My whole world just felt like it was shattered."


His fever reached dangerous levels.


"He had something going on with the part of his brain that controls body temperature," Hollis explained. "And he needed a cooling blanket."


Doctors said the cooling blanket would prevent Jermaine from overheating.


A few months later, doctors at the hospital transferred Jermaine to a hospice, with his mother's permission.


Hollis said the staff promised her that Jermaine would receive a cooling blanket. He never did.


His body temperature soared to a staggering 107.9 degrees, according to medical records.


Within two days of his arrival here, Jermaine was dead.


"Did he know that he was leaving this world?" Hollis wondered. "Did he call out my name?"


The Texas Department of Health and Human Services cited Winterhaven hospice for failing to meet recognized standards of practice.


Attorneys for the family have filed a lawsuit seeking $1.5 million in damages.


"They were supposed to provide a certain type of service, and it just didn't happen," said attorney Jason Gibson.


Officials at Winterhaven's corporate office declined comment.


"I wasn't ready for my son to leave. There was no reason for my son to leave," Hollis said.


The Gibson Law Firm
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