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Man Wants Home Depot to Pay For Fall


A Sugarland man who took a plunge from a ladder wants a hardware giant to pay for what happened.


“I trusted them and their product and now I’m suffering in pain,” said Sam Asaad while unbuttoning his shirt sleeve to reveal two large scars on his wrist.  “I can’t move them like I used to because they’re kind of stiff.”


Last November, Asaad said he fell off a Husky brand ladder he purchased from Home Depot.


The impact broke both arms and crushed his shoulder.  Both he and his wife, Leanne, are facing hefty medical bills.


“We don’t want this to happen to anyone else, “ said Leanne Asaad.


Personal injury attorney Jason Gibson has filed a lawsuit against Home Depot on behalf of the Asaad family.  It’s one of dozens of pending lawsuits over problems with the same product.


“Home Depot knew they had a problem with this ladder and chose to ignore that to make a profit,” said Gibson.


Home Depot spokesman Steve Holmes said the hardware retailer sells three and a half million ladders a year. He said that the Husky brand was discontinued several months ago in favor of another brand.


Holmes said that decision had nothing to do with complaints about the product.  He also said Home Depot did not believe Asaad’s accident was related to problems with the ladder, and urged all consumers to carefully follow ladder safety instructions.


Asaad insisted he followed the instructions correctly, and added “It’s just not a safe product.”


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