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More Passengers Injured in Denver Continental Crash File Claims as Investigation Continues, According to The Gibson Law Firm

Three more passengers injured in the fiery Dec. 20, 2008 crash of Continental Airlines, Inc., (CAL) Flight 1404 at Denver International Airport have filed negligence claims against the airline, according to The Gibson Law Firm.


The claims were filed Friday in state district court in Houston by Mark Reyna, of Houston, Texas; Nicholas Hamra, of Baltimore, Maryland; and Jessica Mutschler, of Reisterstown, Maryland. All were passengers headed for George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when Flight 1404 crashed moments after takeoff.


The lawsuit alleges that Houston-based Continental failed to "exercise the highest degree of care in operating the aircraft" and "maintaining control of the aircraft" and seeks medical expenses and monitoring, loss of earnings, loss of personal property, and other damages.


According to the petition, "[a]s Flight 1404 began to take off, it suddenly bounced, veered off the runway and skidded into a snowy ravine. As the plane bounced and skidded out of control, flames began to engulf the fuselage." The plane's passengers, 38 of whom were hospitalized, escaped the plane, some soaked in leaking jet fuel and oil.


Attorney Jason A. Gibson, of The Gibson Law Firm in Houston, represents the passenger plaintiffs. He stated, "Our investigation of this incident continues and we are monitoring developments with the federal government investigation. Our clients incurred a variety of physical and emotional injuries and they look forward to overcoming their injuries, replacing their property, and moving on with their lives."


The case is "Melissa Craft, et al., v. Continental Airlines, Inc., et al.,' in the District Court of Harris County, Texas, 129th Judicial District, Cause No. 2009-01917. Plaintiffs who previously joined the suit are Melissa Craft, of Houston, Texas; Emily Pellegrini, of Pearland, Texas; Audrey Dempsey, of Nacogdoches, Texas; Debralynn Dempsey, of Nacogdoches, Texas; and Crystal Dempsey, of Houston, Texas.


CONTACT: Jason A. Gibson, The Gibson Law Firm, 440 Louisiana, Suite 2400, Houston, Texas, 77002, 713.650.1010.


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