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Online Video Shows Foam Party Where Teen Was Killed


Video of a party that turned deadly two months ago has turned up on the Internet, and the mother of the young man who lost his life believes it proves the party's promoters did not take steps to keep people safe.


"I'm not seeing any security there at all," said Debra Spikes as she watched the video on a laptop computer.


The so-called foam-mansion party took place in a southeast Houston home on March 13. It ended when gunfire erupted outside the house, claiming the life of 18-year-old Ryan Spikes.


A caption beneath the video boasts that there were more than a thousand people in attendance.


"It makes me angry because it's nothing to brag about," Spikes said. "Especially with a party of this size and then you don't have the adequate security to staff this party."


Investigators said the two off-duty Houston police officers who were hired to provide SECURITY left early over a dispute with the promoters.


The gunman has never been found.


Attorney Jason Gibson represents the family of the victim. He's filed a lawsuit against the owners of the home and plans to go after the promoters too.


"You have to take precautions," said Gibson. "There were zero precautions taken at this particular event. The only thing they seemed to be worried about was to make sure everyone paid their 10 or 15 bucks."


The party promoters turned down the opportunity to do an interview, but one of them insisted that the video just showed people having a good time.


But a grieving mother has been left with a lifetime of pain.


"I miss my son," said Spikes.


The Gibson Law Firm
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