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Second Lawsuit Filed in Aftermath of West Explosion

(KCEN) -- A grandmother who was injured in the West explosion has filed a lawsuit against Adair Grain, Inc, saying the company who owned the plant showed, "conscious indifference," to local residents in the way it stored and handled dangerous materials.


The lawsuit was filed in McLennan County for Bridget Bowles and her husband, Roger. It says Bridget was thrown during the explosion and broke her jaw, loosed her teeth, perforated her eardrum and caused a loss of hearing.


She was at a public park when the explosion occurred.


The Bowles home was also damaged in the blast. It has a cracked foundation as well as exterior and interior damage, according to the lawsuit.


Roger was in the home with the couple's grandchildren when the explosion happened. He says the blast lifted the roof off the house and brought ceiling debris down on them.


The lawsuit claims Adair Grain, Inc. showed negligence in safety policies, training and supervision and maintenance of the plant.


The Gibson Law Firm in Houston filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Bowles family. The firm said in a statement, "Like so many families in West, Mr. and Mrs. Bowles are struggling to balance their need to cope with historic tragedy with the practical realities of rebuilding their lives. We filed this case now to protect their rights and options for going forward. In the meantime, our law firm's investigation of this incident continues on behalf of the Bowles family and our other clients in West. We are also monitoring the ongoing state and federal investigations of the explosion and the defendants."


The Gibson Law Firm
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