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Woman Did Not Stash Sperm To Get Pregnant, Lawyer Claims

A Long Island man who claims his exotic-dancer gal pal stashed away his sperm knew all along that his former flame was itching to get pregnant, the woman’s lawyer told The Post yesterday.


Joseph Pressil concocted the bizarre story only to try to gain full custody of his and Anetria Burnett’s 4-year-old twins, said the attorney, Derek Deyon.


“He injected her with hormone shots,” Deyon said. “How could he not know? They were in a relationship and were trying to get pregnant the old-fashioned way, and they couldn’t.”


Plus, the lawyer said, the clinic required a sample of the father’s blood and the procedure was paid for with Pressil’s insurance and credit card.


Pressil, 36, of Elmont, has filed suit, saying he was shocked to learn Burnett, 34, was pregnant since he’d always worn protection.


And Jason Gibson, Pressil’s lawyer, said Burnett would speed off to the clinic with the used condoms — in a bid to stay in Pressil’s Texas home and be entitled to half of his possessions.


But Burnett’s attorney said his client is no sperm-burglar. And Pressil never set foot in the clinic, Gibson said.


Burnett, whose stage name is Sugar, according to her ex, sourly told The Post, “I’m not going to discuss that with anybody,” and then hung up. Article


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